Фестиваль «Не здесь»
Vladislava Vojnović
Где вы родились? I was born in Bela Crkva in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, part of Seriba which was the part of Yugoslavia those days.
Где записали видео? It was in our garden, in front of our house in Zemun (once upon a time a separate small town on the edge of Austro-Hungarian empire, now part of Belgrade). Where else I could find our cat Rajko! ;)
Где впервые увидели море? For first time I saw the see on Adriatic sea cost in Croatia in age of 4, and ocean in Belgium in age of 20 because my firs husband was sailor so I traveled a bit with him.
Любимый город? My favorites cities are Korčula on island of Korčula in Croatia, and my birth town Bela Crkva in Vojvodina, Serbia.
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