Фестиваль «Не здесь»
Marko Pogačar
Где вы родились? I was born in Split, Yugoslavia.
Где записали видео? The poems were recorded in Zagreb, Croatia, in the kitchen of the flat I’m using when in Zagreb, with a couple of old friends.
Где впервые увидели море? I’ve seen the sea for the first time most probably from the window of the hospital I was born in, in the very first days of my life. The first time I remember was in Split too, I must have been 2-3 years old, and I was observing the fireworks by the sea, in the city center. I clearly remember the two fireworks – one in the sky, and the other, reflected in the oil-still summer sea.
Любимый город? It’s terribly hard and unfair to answer the ‘favorite city’ question. There are at least 9-10 cities around the globe that could bear that label at the same time. From the cities I lived in and where I regularly go back, Berlin will always be close to the top. The cities by the sea are harder – they are many. Just for the sake of the moment, I’ll say Cadis, Spain – out of touristic season.
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